Urban development and planning

We coordinate and carry out the environmental assessment of plans to ensure the achievement of sustainable planning. In the stages of planning and implementation of territorial and urban planning, we rely on the environmental, energy and circular economy and sustainable development as essential elements.

Environmental impact
and landscape

We provide environmental impact assessments and/or impact studies of landscape integration, in order to have the necessary information to ensure the maximum respect for environmental and landscape factors in the execution of your project.

GIS Mapping

We produce georeferenced mapping of your project with ArcGIS and AutoCAD software for spatial positioning your entity in a single geographic location, a defined coordinate system along with the corresponding specific data.


Prepare the Documento único de Protección Civil municipal (DUPROCIM) necessary to plan the operation and organisation of human and material resources to improve the response of emergency services or serious risk, in accordance with el Decreto 155/2014 .

Protection planning

We prepare protection plans as a provision in case of emergencies that may occur as a result of the activities of an establishment, in addition to calculating response measures in case of risk situations and disasters that could affect them.

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