Civil engineering

We design industrial buildings tailored to the needs of the industrial process, to ensure its future functionality, integrating the concepts of efficiency and optimization of auxiliary services required by each establishment.

Project management

We are experts in the management of integrated projects. We guide you through the life cycle of your project taking into account your objectives (cost, timescale, quality, …), with a team of professionals that are specialized in all areas of civil engineering.


We provide all our knowledge and experience in the design of industrial facilities, taking into account the needs of the building process and optimization of maintenance functions, making energy efficiency a priority.

Authorisations and licences

Our team consists of specialists in industrial building, both from the point of view of design functionality, and security. We help you get the security permits of your building (high voltage, low voltage, HVAC, industrial refrigeration, pressure equipment, gas, fuel, …) as well as technical audits. In addition to this we provide a monitoring inspection service through an online platform, so you can see the documentation relating to the regulation of industrial safety at any time.

Fire projects

We have extensive experience in fire protection projects in all types of industries. We provide specialist advice and assessment to ensure that your building or establishment meets the technical standards of safety in case of fire.

Chemical projects

We provide specialist advice on chemical storage facilities, taking into account specific rules according with the classification of chemical products in terms of requirements, both functional and legal. It also provides guidance around REACH and major-accident hazards.

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