Corporate sustainability
environmental consulting

We work to comply with environmental regulations, knowing, preventing and reducing the impacts, risks and environmental responsibilities, with the aim of achieving an improvement in the sustainability of products and processes. Within the scope of our environmental consulting includes procedures for administrative obligations: PRTR-CAT emission statements, statements of waste, packaging and ECOEMBES, SIGFITOS, water statements , solvent plans …).


We prepare technical studies of environmental impact to allow maximum respect for environmental and human factors in the execution of public and private works, industrial or tourist facilities, territorial and urban planning, among others.

Urban development and Planning

We coordinate and carry out the environmental assessment of plans that will guarantee the achievement of sustainable environmental planning and energy aspects in addition to the circular economy and sustainable development are essential elements in the stages of planning and implementation of territorial and urban planning.


At GC Engineering we know the workings of all environmental regulations that must meet regulation, and apply them in a practical and effective way for you to obtain the permits. These permits include information regarding environmental activities classified in Appendix I to the Law on Prevention and Environmental Control.

Eco-products and eco-services.
Sustainable tourism.

We Advise on the accreditation of environmental responsibility of destinations and tourist activities, and implement Distinctive Environmental Quality, EU Ecolabel and Environmental Product Declarations, which are essential for the new model of responsible tourism.

Communication and sustainable information

We are aware of the importance of values in the products and services, we have a team with expertise in sustainability communication, Which takes into account the ongoing dialogue of being sincere, respectful and responsible with the environment.

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