Green and Circular economy

We work based on the circular economy, focusing on the cycle of resources and the green economy, with a direct focus of improved human wellbeing and social equity, reducing environmental risks and making efficient use of resources.

Climate Change

We offer specialized services in mitigating and adaptation to climate change: inventories of greenhouse gas emission, emissions offsetting, ISO 50001 and vulnerability analysis, carbon finance instruments (NAMA, CDM, voluntary markets …) calculation of environmental footprint, life cycle analysis, clean energy projects, energy saving and efficiency, among others.

Communication and Transparency in sustainability

We define the content of the communication strategy of your project orienting it towards sustainability, considering the best way to instill and guide it. Prepare a communication strategy that determines how we communicate and how we present content is essential.

Energy efficiency and renewable consumption

We focus on energy solutions that achieve the three global priorities which dictate energy saving: the quality of the environment, economic competitiveness and energy security. We obtain this by working on efficient energy production with renewable sources and efficient energy consumption.

Funding and subsidies

We seek the best possible financing to carry out investments in energy you need for your project. From specific bank financing, energy services companies and national and international subsidies.

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